With institutional support Kungfuture established a multi level intervention initiative working with young boys involved in armed violence in Colombia



High levels of deprivation with little to no state presence in the community


High levels of addiction and substance abuse


Emotional trauma from years if abuse and end exposure to extreme violence

Organised crime

This presence allows young boys to have easy access to arms, drugs and employment


Favour a heavy handed approach that does little more than create more community tension


Culture of violence that sees a vicious circle passing from one generation to the next


Skills training

For young women affected by violence


Through local business collaborations


Between state bodies and institutions, business's and local community groups

Armed groups involved in peace dialogues with local government and enemies

Young boys participation

Micro businesses funded and run by the young boys offering alternatives to crime

I was working with org crime as a sicario (hitman). My guys rob and move drugs. We are poor you see. We never grew up wanting to do these things. KungFuture asked us to stop fighting for a bit and in return would get us jobs and some therapy. They did it. When my mum was sick KungFuture paid for her medicine and always brought food to the house. No one ever did this for us

El Niño, gang leader, Loma Fresca