No child should have to grow up without their parents but millions of little ones are still in desperate need.

In developing countries, particularly, life for a fatherless orphan can be very difficult indeed. Widowed mothers are put under immense pressure, typically having to leave her children unsupervised for hours, days and sometimes even weeks to earn money.

Children are denied a normal, happy childhood, typically dropping out of school and little ones as young as five may have to work to earn a crust. All too often they face exploitation, abuse, malnutrition and disease. Life for these little ones is anything but bright. However, with your support, we can turn this around.

At KungFuture, we are trying to take care of hundreds of orphans and our goal is to bring thousands more under our wing.

We believe every child deserves a healthy, happy childhood and we’re committed to safeguarding the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children. By ensuring each and every child is safe, healthy and protected, we aim to relieve the harsh reality of being orphaned.

We are doing what we can, but for as little as £5 per month, we could do even more. Click "sponsor an orphan" below to change the life of an orphan forever.


Our orphans are the innocent victims of violence, abandonment, natural disaster and poverty, so it's vital we continue to support them. We cannot change their past but we will do our best to change their futures.

My name is Samira. I live in Cambodia. I never met my parents. I was found in a bin on the street by the Royal Palace.

I am very lucky because I have a teddy that loves me very much and even though he is poor he always gives me hugs.

We live with my grandma who always makes me food and looks after me. She is strong. I love her a lot.

Samira, orphan


We met little Samira over a year ago when we noticed a very skinny girl in the community. Our doctor confirmed that she was suffering from malnutrition and dysentery.

Her 'grandmother' explained how she had found Samira in a bin when she was trash collecting late one night. She couldn't look the other way and so took her home. Samira was just a few months old.

The conditions where they live are severe with no clean water and very dirty. Grandmother is a good woman but is old and very poor. She barely has enough food for herself, let alone Samira.

For £25/month we are able to provide food, medicine, better shelter and blankets for them. When Samira is old enough we will pay for her to go to school.